Medical expenses are the most common unexpected expenses that people come across in life. There are many reasons why Credit24 has medical expense loans between $500 and $10,000.

What is a medical loan?

Medical loans can cover the costs of both optional or necessary medical treatments and procedures. Sometimes the medical cover you may have opted for is just not enough and out of pocket expenses that are not covered by the medical cover can prove to be a great burden on someone who is fighting other aspects of medical illness. In this time of crisis, what you need is a quick solution to your cash flow issues. Applying for a medical grant can take a lot of time due to the paperwork involved and you may need money immediately.

Why apply for a medical loan with Credit24?

  • 100% online – you can apply for a medical expense loan while staying up in the hospital with your loved one. You do not even need to leave the bedside to go visit a branch
  • Simple application process – all it takes is your 90 days of bank statement (which you can send through a secure Credit Sense link) and some personal details like your mobile number and driver’s licence number
  • Quick approval – loans can be approved in a matter of an hour and you could have your loan amount in your bank within 24 hours.

In addition to that, there are no hidden costs associated with a loan from Credit24. You can use a simple loan calculator to check the exact monthly payment that you shall be paying us once your repayment starts. You can choose the loan amount and the repayment tenure to adjust the amount you need to pay back each month.

If you have gotten into an unexpected and unfortunate situation and need some instant cash for medicine, hospital bills and more, apply online or give us call us at 1800 091 967 for a quick loan today.

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A loan of $2,500 loan over 12 months will have total repayments of $3690.04.
Loan terms: 6 – 24 months. Maximum APR: 48%