If you are experiencing cash flow issues and are looking a short-term loan to cover unexpected costs, than Credit24 can help. Short term loans are an attractive financial solution for people who intend to pay the loan balance back quickly and are becoming an increasingly popular choice for Aussies who are seeking small cash advances without signing up for a large sums of debt.

We offer a range of personal loan products with flexible repayment periods ranging from 1 to 12 months and our application process is 100% online which means that once approved we can generally have the cash in your account in under 24 hours. You might need a few hundred bucks to pay for the groceries or phone bill, or need a cash flow injection to help finance a weekend away with the family or friends. Whatever level of personal financial assistance it is you need, Credit24 is here to help.

We have specially designed our short term loans to help you cover unexpected costs as they might arise, and we can easily customise a loan for you between $500 and $6500.

Reasons to get a short terms loan?

  • To cover accommodation & travel costs on holidays
  • To assist with medical bills
  • For students to pay for text books and living expenses
  • To avoid using a credit card or other forms of credit
  • To make rental payments
  • To help with cash flow until your next pay check

Here at Credit24 we think that everyone should have access to easy and affordable finance without the fear of getting stuck in an expensive and ongoing cycle of debt. We want to be able to help you get through the tougher financial periods and that’s why we are one of the most affordable and accessible lenders in the market. The fact that we are a 100% online company means that we don’t have the large overheads of other lenders and we are able to keep costs at a minimum.

We offer affordable rates on all of our loans, and are 100% upfront and fully transparent with all of our fees, which means that you won’t be hit with any unexpected charges over the period of your loan with us. Our short term loan application process is quick and easy, and be sure to use our personal loan calculator to work out exactly the cost of the loan and how much you can expect to pay from month to month.

Call us on 1800 091 967 or apply online today and let Credit24 take the financial stress out of your day.

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A loan of $2,500 loan over 12 months will have total repayments of $3690.04.
Loan terms: 6 – 24 months. Maximum APR: 48%