Often the toughest part of renting a new place is the rental bond that is required to be paid up-front. While you may have the liquidity to pay for the monthly or weekly rent, the security deposit can prove to be a hurdle.

With rental bond loans from Credit24, you do not have to give up on that lovely house you have chosen for your family. Credit24 rental bond loans can range between $500 and $6,500. They are easy to apply for too. You can get the amount credited to your bank account in a matter of 24 hours.

In most cases, the rental bond amount is equal to 4 weeks rent. In some cases, when the weekly rent is higher than $250, the amount can also amount to six weeks rent. Coughing up this kind of money especially when you did not expect to be moving so soon can be a tough situation to handle. Credit24 helps with rental bond loans that you can use for a bond payment or even relocation costs.

How to apply for a rental bond loan?

The application process for a rental bond loan is simple. This is essentially a personal loan and you can choose the amount that you need to borrow and the period in which you can repay it. Our easy-to-use loan calculator helps in arriving at the exact amount you will be paying every month. There are no other hidden costs associated with this loan.

If you have to move to a new city, want to move to a larger house, are getting married or expecting little ones in your house, Credit24 is glad to help you through your times of need.

Call 1800 091 967 or send us an email at info@credit24.com.au. You can also log in and fill in the application at any time of the day or night. In all likelihood, the next thing you know, you may be getting a call from us approving your loan.

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A loan of $2,500 loan over 12 months will have total repayments of $3690.04.
Loan terms: 6 – 24 months. Maximum APR: 48%