Why take out a rental bond or rental deposit loan?

Flexible loan options

Borrow from $500 to $10,000 to help with your next move. With up to 36 months to pay back and the option to pay back weekly, fortnightly or monthly – the loan is flexible to suit your pay cycle. And best of all, repay early with no penalty. 

No hidden costs or fees

Before applying you can see exactly how much the repayments are going to be, and how much you’ll owe over the lifetime of the loan. Use our loan calculator to see this upfront. 

Easy to apply

The online application means it’s fast and easy to apply. Once approved, money could be transferred in a matter of 24 hours (if approved within business hours and depending on the banking institution).

You can rely on us

With businesses in 12 international locations, over 10 years of experience and over 300,000 satisfied customers you can be sure that Credit24 is a secure and responsible lender.


Don’t give up on that dream apartment

From the upfront rental payment, the bond or deposit, the rental application fee, any utility costs and, of course, any removalist costs that you may be paying; it can all become too much to handle. Therefore, having a back-up plan to ease the pressure of financial stress can ensure you enjoy your new place to the fullest.

Typically, the rental bond deposit is equal to four weeks rent. Credit24 could help with rental bond loans ranging from $500 to $10,000 to help with bond payment or relocation costs.

Loans for rental bond, rent and more

A rental bond and deposit loan is not limited to just that. Caught short on this month’s rent because you had an expected expense? Credit24’s loans are flexible so use towards paying the rent while getting back on your feet. If you’re going to be better off dedicating the money to moving or relocation costs, then that’s just fine with us too. 

About to miss the rent payment?

It can happen to anybody and this situation can be solved easily. Keep calm, there are a few actions you can take. The first thing – inform your landlord and try to make an agreement about your next payment. After evaluating your possibilities and responsibilities to pay, see what is the best option for you. Credit24 could help with a rent arrears loan if needed, so there is always someone to cover your back in a difficult financial situation.