At Credit24 we have a hardship Variation program in place to help our customers claim relief during the period that they cannot meet their normal repayments.

Here is how the process works!

If you cannot meet your current repayment obligations, please complete our application by clicking on the below button to tell us why you cannot meet your scheduled repayments at this time and what repayment amount you can make at this time and for how long you consider you will need the reduction in repayment.

 Click here for the hardship application form

Once this has been submitted, we may send an email asking you to provide further information or documentation to verify your request.

If you will not be able to repay your loan even with a variation to your repayments, we suggest that you seek assistance from a professional financial counsellor, financial advisor, legal aid officer or legal practitioner to assist you with your financial situation.  You can access free independent advice via the National Debt Helpline ( and 1800 007 007) where you can access step by step guidelines for managing debt and seek advice from a financial counsellor.

We urge you to avoid defaulting on a loan account if possible, as the default may be reported to a credit reporting body and adversely affect your credit reference score.

Remember, in accordance with the terms and conditions of your loan agreement, if your loan repayments are not kept up to date,  your loan account may be assigned by Credit24 to an external credit provider who will thereafter be the credit provider for your loan. The terms and conditions of your loan contract will not change after assignment.

If you have any questions regarding varying your loan repayments or want to make a payment arrangement, please contact us anytime on 1800 954 481 during business hours or feel free to email us at