How can our debt consolidation loan help

Borrow up to $10,000 for a maximum of 36 months

Our online debt consolidation loan gives the option to choose a repayment frequency and length of the loan that works for different pay cycles including weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

See all the costs and fees before applying

Before applying, see exactly how much the repayments are going to be, and the total repayments over the lifetime of the loan. Use our online debt consolidation calculator to find out how much.

Manage only one repayment amount

With multiple debts, chances are there are probably multiple repayment dates. With one personal loan for debt consolidation with Credit24, there’s only one repayment to remember.

Save interest by paying back early

For a medium to a large loan, repay the loan early with no penalty. The earlier you pay it back, the more interest you’ll save.

You can rely on us

With businesses in 12 international locations, over 10 years of experience and over 300,000 satisfied customers you can be sure that Credit24 is a secure and responsible lender.

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Debt consolidation for an easier life

Our debt consolidation service is designed to streamline all your loans into a single, simple to remember payment that will be easier to manage. Consolidate your credit card, car loan or other debts in one.

Stop stressing about individual loan payments. With Credit24’s personal loan for debt consolidation, this could lift the weight off your shoulders. Consolidate all debt payments into one that matches your salary schedule.

Use our service to help keep repayment costs down to reduce financial stress. It may also reduce the interest and fees currently getting being charged by other current lenders. Choose a loan of a maximum of $10,000 and up to 36 months to pay back. With affordable repayments, you can enjoy life now.

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