To assess your application for a loan, we need to verify your income and expenses. The easiest and most secure way is by assessing the last 90 days of your online bank statements. We use Illion’s market leading BankStatements technology that is fast, safe and secure.

 Who is Illion?

Illion, formerly Proviso, is a leading independent Australian provider of data and analytics for consumer and commercial credit registries. They have staff and servers based in Australia and all data sent to Illion is encrypted with 256-bit encryption, secured by 2048-bit keys. Meaning, this is the same level of encryption that the banks use to ensure the security of your information. 

Why am I being asked for my bank login information?

Providing your login information allows us to process your application much faster. It is more secure than manually providing us with paper statements as this could get sent to the wrong email address or postal address.

Is it safe? Why use a third party?

Yes. We use Illion to ensure your data is secured by 256-bil bank level encryption. This is to protect your account from fraudulent and criminal activity. Illion is owned and operated in Australia so your data never leaves the country.

Will Credit24 have access to my bank account?

No, Credit24 and Illion will not have access to your account. We access read-only copies of your bank statements and will only see information we need to assess your application. It is done almost instantly and most importantly, securely.