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Financial Hardship

Application for Financial Hardship Assistance

To complete an application for Financial Hardship Assistance please click here. For your hardship application to be approved, we need:

  1. Our Hardship Application to be filled out and send to us
  2. Supporting documents regarding your situation.
Cause of Hardship Examples 1.Required documents
Involuntary change of employment Loss of employment/ loss of secondary income/ forced change of employment Employer termination notice OR verbal verification of termination by referee
OR Proof of New Start Centrelink Payment
Medical Birth of child resulting in loss of income/ injury/ psychological illness/ serious illness/ Medical Certification
Death Death of a spouse or partner/ death of a dependent/ immediate family member Copy of death certificate
Relationship breakdown or divorced Breakdown of relationship affecting in loss of income Copy of divorce file or declaration confirmation from solicitors
Extenuating circumstances Report from financial counsellor/ nature disaster/ auto accident affecting work/ loss of home due to fire Supporting documentation (i.e. police report, incident report)

Please complete the application, attach your supporting document and send it to our e-mail: or by fax: 02 8079 0791
If you have any questions about our Hardship Policy please do not hesitate to call our hardship team
on 1800 091 967 (weekdays 9:30am to 5:30pm AEST).

We know people have difficulty from time to time due to circumstances that are out of their control.  We will deal with your case sympathetically and promptly, doing all we can to help you resolve the situation.