Earn Extra Money over the Holidays with These Helpful Tips

While the festive season is always a lot of fun, it can take its toll on your finances. To assist you with paying off your festive season loans, here are some helpful tips to make some fast cash.

Rent your property out on Airbnb

Taking a break out of town over the holidays? By listing your property on Airbnb, not only can you cover your rent but also make some additional spending money! Airbnb is also flexible, so you can choose to rent out your property when it suits you.

Become an Uber driver

It’s simple and easy to sign up to become an Uber driver and earn cash in your free time. Even better, with Uber you can tailor your shifts to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle, as well as select the passengers you choose to pick up. One of the major benefits of being an Uber driver is you also get to meet new people.

Become part of the Drive My Car network

Only using one car over Christmas? Then join Drive My Car and rent out your car during the holiday season to earn some extra cash. Every renter who hires your vehicle is credit checked before being allowed to drive and you can hand over the keys in person at a time that works for you and the renter. Drive My Car also has an insurance policy that covers your vehicle for any damages.

Join Airtasker

If you’re a DIY guru and can clean homes quickly and efficiently, assemble furniture or fix broken sinks, then join Airtasker. Airtasker allows you to source casual work close by what is tailored to your individual skill-set.

These are some of the many ways you can make some extra cash this holiday season. However, if you find yourself short of money or need a fast personal loan for an emergency, please contact Credit24!