5 Easy Ways to Save on Food

If you are anything like the typical family, you are probably appalled by the amount of money you spend on food each month. After all, many Australian families spend over $300 a week on groceries, which is quite a large amount of money. You can easily bring this amount down by following a few simple steps:

#1: Make a List and Set a Budget

This is the most important step. Unfortunately, it is also the most time-consuming one, and requires quite a bit of self-discipline. By writing out a very specific grocery list and sticking to it ‰ÛÓavoiding all other items‰ÛÓ you set yourself up for success.

Additionally, setting a budget to match your list is just as important. To make shopping more fun and less of a chore, your budget can become a sort of game you play with yourself to see how far under budget you can come out.

#2: Shop In Season

Fruits and vegetables that are in season cost significantly less than those that are out of season. When shopping for produce, buy only what is on sale and adjust your recipes accordingly. Most fruits and vegetables are easily traded out from one recipe to the next, so this shouldn’t be a big deal.

Although meat doesn’t actually have a season, it does go on sale from time to time. If you find your local grocer has chicken on sale, go ahead and buy that instead of the pork you had planned on. Get creative, and make the chicken work into your recipes where the pork would have gone.

#3: Bring a Bag

Pushing a large trolley around a supermarket is just too tempting for some shoppers. After all, why wouldn’t they just go ahead and fill all that empty space? To avoid this temptation, bring a smaller shopping bag along and use that in place of a trolley.

#4: Eat Meatless

Meat is expensive. Not only that, but it is also not the most healthy food choice when eaten in large quantities. You can save a good bit of money and make healthier choices by cutting meat from your diet for 2‰ÛÒ3 days a week.

#5: Use It All

Before making your grocery list, check your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. Build your meal plan around what you already have. This helps ensure you use everything you purchased on previous trips so that nothing goes to waste.

By using these tips and tricks, we are sure you will see your savings increase in no time at all. However, if you find that these tips just aren’t going to help out enough and you are in need of cash, we would be happy to help you out with a personal loan. Please contact us today at Credit24 for more information.