Terms and Conditions

The 20% for 24 month term offer applies a discount of 20% off the dollar and cent amount of interest payable.

The discount of 20% is applied to the dollar and cent interest amount payable at the Credit 24 standard interest rate of 48%.

The discount of 20% off the interest amount charged is calculated on a loan proceeding for the full term of 24 months.

The offer is only applicable for products over $2000, with 24 month terms.

The offer is only available to new loans applied for and approved from 4th May 2017.

Credit24 reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time should Credit24 consider the number of loan applications has exceeded the financial capital of Credit24. Credit24 Australian Credit Licence No: 422839.

You have the control

Credit24 provides you with the flexibility and personal control over your personal loan to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

Our Pricing

Our pricing is categorised into two tiers and varies based on how long you want your repayments to be spread over. SACC (or Small Amount Credit Contracts) are not based on interest, but a fixed fee structure from the example below. Larger loans have a comparison rate of up to 136.7% and maximum APR of 94.37%, which lowers depending on the loan size and term.
See our Personal Loan Pricing Table for more information.

$600 over 6 months

Our small amount loans (under $2000) are limited to a fixed fee structure without an interest rate. The fee structure is up to 20% establishment fee and a up to a 4% monthly service fee.
For more info, see our Personal Loan Pricing Table

$6000 over 12 months

Our larger loans fees include charges which are based on an establishment fee (up to $400), plus a 4% monthly interest rate.
For more info, see our Personal Loan Pricing Table