About Us

IPF Digital Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of IPF Digital AS 
and as such is part of the wider IPF Digital Group listed on the AIM, London Stock Exchange (MCRB) since 2007.

IPF Digital Group owns and operates Credit24 Finland, Credit24 Estonia, Credit24 Latvia and Credit24 Lithuania since 2006.
The Credit24 brand is recognised and trusted throughout Finland as the number 2 lender,
and the Baltic countries and now Australia.
Credit24 has imense experience proudly providing services to over 500,000 customers worldwide,
and this number is growing everyday.
Credit24 is well on the way to becoming a market leader in personal loans, offering flexible lending options to all Australians.

We will continue to respond to our customers needs and further development of Australia as a major priority for Credit24.
The Australian office was proudly launched in July 2012, with the experience and financial backing of IPF Digital AS,
and now offers Australians the same flexible, fresh alternative to the banks on personal loans up to $5,000 as we do in Europe.

For more information about IPF Digital Australia and IPF Digital corporate please visit www.ipfin.co.uk