Tips on How to be Social on a Budget

How to be social on a budget, it’s surprisingly easy.

If you are on a tight budget (or any budget) but still want to have a social life, you are in good company. We want to enjoy ourselves, our friends and family, but expenses associated with having a good time can crash a budget. Fortunately for the fun-seeker in all of us, it is completely possible to have a good time on a limited budget.

Here are some tips on enjoying a healthy social life while maintaining a robust bank account:

Keep your budget in mind

Always keep your budget in mind when planning a social outing. The more mindful you are of your budget parameters, the less likely you are to make expensive mistakes while enjoying a night out.

Map out your budget

Sit down with your finances, determine how much all of your bills will require on a monthly basis. Then add 10 to 15% for any emergencies that might crop up. After that, you need to remove the amount you will put in your savings. What remains can be spent toward your socialising, but don’t spend it all on parties. Leave a small amount of money in your account beyond the balance left for unplanned expenses.

Dinner and drinks

Socialising over a nice dinner is a great way to connect with friends and family. If this is your chosen way to have a good time, get online and purchase vouchers to your favourite dinner spots, you can find good restaurant deals on Groupon. You can also buy discount gift cards of varying amounts. These cards will offer you $25.00 worth of meals for ten dollars, or other deals.

“Bring-a-plate” parties

Bring-a-plate parties and dinners are a fantastic way to entertain a lot of people for a minimum of money. If you all get together and decide on the time and place, you can start divvying-up the meal duties. One person can bring a meat dish, another an appetiser, another person a green salad and a fourth person the dessert.

Pay attention to free events in your area

They are everywhere and offer anything from free wine-tasting to free horseback rides. Whether you want to dance or sample craft beers, there are events you can focus on.

By using these tips, you can still enjoy your social events without going over your budget. However, if you are in need of extra cash, we would be happy to help you out with a small personal loan. Please contact us today at Credit24 for more information.