Short Term Loans

Solving personal financial problems with low doc personal loans is a straightforward process

We have all had to face that crunch time, the personal financial crisis that is just big enough to cause concern for your private economy. Perhaps your car got dinged in a fender bender, or you broke your finger at work and it isn’t completely covered by your health insurance. Whatever the circumstance, you may need to get a small personal loan to get you out of your financial duress.

People in this circumstance will go to their bank and ask for a small personal loan, but many people can’t rely on their bank when finances take a nosedive.

Loans for the rest of us.

For those of us that are people with minimal or even non-existent credit history, or individuals who have part-time work histories, a “typical” small loan from a bank is not always an option. Recent immigrants to Australia are faced with daunting issues when applying for loans, as are natural citizens who have only their tax returns to prove income. The banks are limited by a very strict set of regulations when offering small personal loans and rarely do those regulations encompass the self-employed, or a part-time employee.

These bank policies leave a large percentage of working people without a safety net when unpleasant surprises of the financial variety arise.

Rest assured, there are options. Low doc personal loans are a solution to the financial crunch times for those who do not meet stringent bank requirements. Simply put, a low doc loan does not require the borrower to supply reams of qualifying paperwork and information. If you have good credit and no history of poor money handling, you are a prime candidate for a low doc loan, regardless of your work classification.

The process of applying for a loan at Credit24 is simple, approvals can come in within the hour and you may have the money in your account within 24 hours.

At Credit24 our requirements are minimal:

  • A good credit history
  • Employment at the time of loan application
  • Earning a minimum of 1,000 dollars per month
  • No outstanding loans
  • Be a resident of Australia
  • Drivers license details or passport information
  • Your mobile phone number and a current email address
  • Current bank statements

We encourage our customers to apply for a loan at our website. At Credit24 we have gone out of our way to make your small loan application process as simple and straightforward as possible. No more spending hours at a bank attempting to prove who you are and where you work. Who has that kind of time?

We get it, life happens.

Financial responsibility is important for all of us, and we need to stress that all loan products are offered to people who have proven responsibility in financial dealings. So, if your car blew a water hose, or your kid rode his bike into a parked car, feel free to contact us to get the loan process started. It is impossible to counter all the costly incidents you never planned for without help. Credit24 is here to offer that help.